How To Write Real Estate Ads That Attract Buyers

Does your real estate advertising copy make your listings stand out from all the other homes for sale on the market? If you’re like 95% of all agents, unfortunately, the answer is “no.”

Every home is unique or special in some way. Yet most ads are a generic list of features – 3 bed, 2 bath, garage, fireplace, deck, etc. There’s nothing in the ad that highlights why anyone should be interested in the home beyond the floor plan.

Instead of trying to write the “perfect” ad for a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom home that you can use for every home like that you list, a better approach is to think of advertising as story telling. It’s your job to highlight the home’s best features in a compelling way.

What Makes A Great Real Estate Ad?

Before I get into how to craft a great house ad, let’s take a look at the fundamentals of successful advertising. For any ad to work, it must have the following ingredients:

  1. Compelling headline – Your headline must capture attention and get your prospect to read the rest of your ad. Think of your headline as the “ad” for your ad. Statistically, five times as many people will read the headline than will read your ad’s copy, so the better you make your headline, the greater the number of people who will keep reading.
  2. Easy to read text – In general, longer copy outsells shorter copy because it presents the reader with more information about the product. However, this information must be presented in an easy-to-read format. For instance, don’t drastically reduce the font to cram in all the information you want to include. Also, break up big blocks of copy with sub-headlines, bullet points, and frequent paragraph breaks.
  3. Use high-quality pictures – Your pictures should support the story your ad copy tells. With real estate ads, your readers will be drawn to the pictures, so make sure your house photos are staged with uncluttered rooms and well-lit space.

From Good to Great Advertising

A great ad not only generates interest in your product (the home for sale), but it also should filter out people who aren’t a good candidate for what you are selling. So how do you craft the perfect ad?

  1. Make a list of all the positives and negatives characteristics. Brainstorm with your sellers – why did they enjoy living in this home? Does the home have a great view? Is it within walking distance to public transportation? Does it have a newly-built wine cellar? Has there been a price reduction? Write down as many features as you can think of until you come to one that is truly unique or special.
  2. Craft your headline. Once you have that one unique characteristic, brainstorm different headlines that feature this characteristic. Focus on a key “benefit” of living in the home, not the street address.
  3. Craft the body copy. Now, tell the story of this home and why this feature in your ad is so special. Why is it a “must see”? How will owning this home impress the buyer’s friends?
  4. Select your pictures. What pictures can you use that will highlight this feature? How can you get the buyer to imagine themselves living in this home?
  5. Close with your call to action. Finally, tell prospects exactly what they must do to learn more about this home, such as visiting your website for a virtual tour or attending your open house.

Writing a good real estate ad requires practice, but it’s a great long-term investment. Better advertisements mean attracting more interested prospects in a shorter time frame – and ideally, making a faster sale.

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